Pop-Up Lead Capture Showcase

Wait 4 seconds for the pop up to show.

So how does this work?

You can click on the "+" icon on the top-right corner when in "Page Builder" mode, select "Widgets" from the drop down menu and drag out a "Contact Me Module" and drop it wherever you'd like on your selected page.

Thanks to Benchmetric's proprietary code, you can now click on the "Advanced" tab of that "Contact Me Module" you just created, scroll down and write "bnm_popup_form" in the textbox that says "ID".

By default, the pop-up is required, but you can make it optional by writing "bnm_optional" on the textbox that says "Class".

And that's it! Our code will take care of the rest and you'll receive notifications of people filling out your form like they would anywhere else on your website.

IMPORTANT: Please note, this should only be done a maximum of once per page.

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